High-Quality Rug Cleaning Services

Rug Cleaning Illustration

As experts in rug cleaning, you can enjoy peace of mind that your rug will be in very capable hands when you choose ONYX Carpet Cleaning.

Our fully trained cleaning technicians will give your rug a complete inspection before cleaning so we can determine what fabric type or dyes it consists of. This enables us to tailor cleaning to suit your style of rug. We’ll also assess whether there are any particular areas of your rug that demand special attention, such as fringe detailing.

Like carpets, rugs are prone to getting dirty over time. As well as acquiring muck from outdoor footwear and muddy pet paws, rugs can attract stains, spillage marks and airborne pollutants such as bacteria, fungal spores and smoke. Add in an invasion from dust mites – renowned for triggering allergy symptoms such as asthma – and you can appreciate that your rug really does have a lot to contend with.

Over time, even the most lavish-looking rug can appear a little weary – but not if you give our rug cleaners a call. No matter what your style, colour or size of rug, we’ll clean it to perfection.

We use high-tech cleaning equipment that removes dirt from rugs with ease. Depending on the fibres and weave that make up your rug, it will be given a powerful immersion wash or steam clean. Our dependable machines will then power rinse your rug and remove the maximum amount of moisture, so that it can be left to hang and dry.

If your rug has become victim to the odd stain or two, we also use tried-and-trusted products that are top-notch when it comes to shifting unwanted marks from rugs. The good news is that the products we use aren’t laden with harsh, toxic chemicals that may leave residues in your rug. Instead, they’re kind to your rug’s fibres, are eco-friendly and safe.

ONYX Carpet Cleaning offers high-quality, convenient and flexible rug cleaning services, so whether you choose on-site or off-site cleaning, call us today for an affordable quote.